Graphic Design

During both the pre-design and design processes, there are multiple factors that need to be well thought-out.  One vitally important aspect of these processes can be enhanced through graphic design.  Garmann/Miller has graphic designers on-staff to provide the Client with unlimited graphic design and technical resources for their various needs.

Whether it is promotional items, mailers, and/or branding in the pre-design process, Garmann/Miller’s graphic design team can help endorse a Client’s vision through artistic imagery and thought-provoking verbiage that can be packaged together for presentation purposes. 

Not only is graphic design imperative for pre-design process, but it is equally important in the design process.  Garmann/Miller’s graphic design team can develop wayfinding, monumental signage and wall signage, all of which encompass ways in which people orient themselves in physical spaces and navigate from place to place.